02 March 2012

My C-section scar is my badge of honor–my battle scar

So the morning of Feb 16th I woke up and felt a gush and I thought my water had broken early, So I called Dr Read's office he wasn't there so I wound up seeing Dr Robillio. He did an Ultra sound and saw that Sophie's amniotic fluid had went down significantly. So he did a quick swab to see if my water had indeed broken because it seemed it had, it turns out it had not. But if my water hadn't broken what happened to the amniotic fluid? It was a mystery! So Dr Robillio deiced it was time to induce labor since the baby wasn't doing well do to my failing placenta, they wheeled me up to the 14th floor. I was told no eating in case I needed a c section. Immediately the nicest nurse Indra came in my room, she looked and sounded like Marylin Monroe. She said to me "most nurses are here to help you stop the pain, but I am sorry sweetie I am here to cause you pain." After that they gave me the pill to start my labor 3 hours later nothing happened, so another pill was given and still nothing. Finally they gave me a 3rd dose and said I wasn't going into labor that night so it would be okay to eat something after 10 hours no eating I was ravenous. So I had a nice sandwich and waited for the labor to start. Two hours later I felt a little cramping but not contractions, so they decided to give me a sleeping pill and if nothing happened by 11 a fourth dose. I started having contractions around nine o'clock the same time they gave me my sleeping pill. Luckily my wonderful husband was there to sit by my bed and hold my hand. And even though he was exhausted he sat in the chair and held my hand as I slept and cried from the pain. 30 mins after I fell asleep the babies heart dipped they sorta woke me up adjusted the monitor and said that I must have moved and knocked the monitor off. At 11pm exact the came in my room and woke me up, and said "the baby isn't doing good, we are going to start prepping you for surgery." The dr made me sign all these forms while I was drugged up and I had no idea what was going on. My midwife Jessica came into the room and sat with me. Then the dr read me off the risks and her exact words to me was "well you could die." Me being as drugged up as I was all I could focus on was the word die. I started to cry. I don't want to die is all I could think. For some reason I could focus on anything else it was awful. I felt like everything was going wrong. Jessica sat with me and gave me hug since I was crying. After that they wheeled me out of the room, to the O.R. gave me the final prepping and started the surgery. At 11:39 my beautiful baby was brought into this world. They quickly cleaned her up and then handed her to my husband. Who showed her to me and I cried, I felt like everything was right in the world. After that the sent my husband off with the baby to run some tests on her and to finish up my surgery. While finishing up my surgery they all joked with me and tried to make me feel better knowing how upset and distressed I was. I was wheeled out and sent to post op recovery where I got to touch my baby for the first time. I couldn't really hold her because my arm's were jiggly like jello but I could see her and touch her. And it made me feel so much better. Seeing my beautiful 36weeker just made my heart melt. My beautiful Sophie Anne.

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