04 March 2012

First cold

So Sophie has her first cold and it took me by surprise, it came out of no where. She was perfectly fine one day and they very next day she was coughing, wheezing, and all together just very stuffy. I had her sleep in her bouncer all night to keep her elevated, and that had seemed to have worked. So the very next day I thought she was doing great we went to my mother in law's since Timothy had to work and I still need help doing things after my c-section. She was great for the first half of the day and then it all came back it sounded so nasty and I didn't know what to do for her. I felt like the worst mommy in the world. I was completely and utterly helpless against this. A few hours later after Tim came home it started to sound worst so I called the Pedi and she said I should take Sophie into Mary Bridge to get checked out since it is Rsv season. So we took her in and we immediately we were admitted and put in a secluded room away from everyone so that she didn't get germs from the other kids. We waited in the waiting room a total of ten mins, maybe less before we were taken to the exam room and the real waiting started. The hospital was literally swamped when we came in so many kids with hacking coughs and so many scared mom's that their children have Rsv. We waited 3 hours before we saw the Dr, he checked her out and said it was just a upper respiratory infection and the chest looked clear should clear up in ten days. Then he checked her heart and heard her murmur and demanded me get a chest x-ray even though she already had and Echo and they told us she has a heart murmur which is caused by a enlarged valve in her heart. She already see's a cardiologist who does echo's every two weeks. Anyways he did his silly x-ray and found exactly what I told him after making us wait three more hours. We were sent home with some Saline solution and a nasal aspirator that was way to big for her nose. So that morning I searched in vain to find a nasal aspirator that would fit in her nose but no luck. So I decided I would just try the big one. I had Tim go to the store and get a box of "little noses" saline drops and it came with a nasal aspirator and it fit her nose (yay!!). So now my precious is sleeping in her bouncer and hopefully tomorrow she will be a little less congested. Oh yes before I forget she also took her first shower with daddy today, we found out she loves the shower! She just had a blast in there, laughing and giggling. Her daddy loves her so much it makes me so happy.

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